Rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings - every piece of jewellery is a unique!

The Lord of the Rings from Zurich: John R Wullschleger is famous for his hand-made, individual rings for Him and for Her.

The largest collection of wedding rings in Zurich

You too can discover our very own collection of love rings and wedding rings, which stand out with their unique structures and timeless design.

More than a jeweller's shop - take a look over the goldsmith's shoulder!

In our in-house goldsmith's studio, we combine the various materials together and form them into unique pieces of jewellery.

Pearls, diamonds and gemstones, used in sophisticated settings

Choose your favourite design and have it made to your own wishes and ideas.


Enchanting, elegant necklaces

Are you looking for a significant, coloured stone necklace, a delicate diamond chain or a timelessly elegant pearl necklace? Discover the variety of our necklaces, where none is the same as any other!

Our collection includes hand-made necklaces, sleek gemstone necklaces with harmoniously integrated and designed elements and clasps made of precious metal and cut diamonds. And naturally, you can always find a ring, bracelet or earring to match.

Of course, we can shorten or lengthen your chosen necklace and adjust it to suit your neck.

Wedding rings - John R Wullschleger - Zurich Necklace - John R Wullschleger - Zurich

Diamond necklaces

The small, radiant diamond necklaces made of natural, partially cut diamonds possess an incredible luminosity. Strikingly beautiful, scintillating, radiant and yet subtle, and uncannily light and fine to wear. An ideal alternative to any other necklace - fashionable and appropriate at any age.

Pearl necklaces

The love and devotion felt towards pearl jewellery is clearly discernible in our shop. Dozens of exclusive grades of pearls from spherical via baroque to Keshi lie ready to be sold in our display cases. Before we finally hand these over to our customers, they are re-strung by experienced pearl stringers and fitted with decorative clasps.

The enchanting gloss of the pearls is known in the jargon as their "lustre". This, together with the delicate shades of colour has made these jewels of the sea fascinating to humans for hundreds of years.

  • South Sea pearls (white and pale colours)
  • Tahiti pearls (grey to dark, some in colour)
  • Freshwater pearls (pale pink tones)
  • Fiji pearls (varied spectrum of colours)

Necklace of precious stones

Precious stones from all over the world are cut to make exclusive necklaces. A never-ending variety of colours and especially attractive cut forms are used to process them into wonderful necklaces. From aquamarine, amber, jade, coral and tourmaline to zoisite, our storeroom may well contain the largest collection in Zurich.

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